What are the 5 mistakes to avoid when recruiting in France?

Recruitment is an essential step in the life of your company. An error in the choice of a candidate can have a financial and human cost harmful for your activities. An employer must have notions of labor law, or management. Some good advice can be useful to avoid making a mistake when re-hiring an employee in France.

What qualifies the success of a recruitment?

Vous rêvez de trouver le candidat idéal en matière de recrutement ? Vous devez avant tout placer l’humain au coeur du processus de recrutement, plutôt que de vouloir combler un trou dans un organigramme.

Do you dream of finding the ideal candidate for your company? Above all, you have to place the human at the heart of the recruitment process, rather than wanting to fill a hole in an organization chart.

Indeed, you will appreciate the personality of a candidate, whether it is his relational or professional skills. You have to evaluate if its motivation is in line with the values ​​of your company. You need to work on the duration of a recruitment and not on its immediacy.

The hiring of an employee requires support, follow-up and numerous exchanges between the new employee and his employer. The ultimate goal is to do everything to ensure that recruitment results in a lasting and fruitful collaboration for your company.

What are the main recruitment mistakes?

Mistake # 1: The rush in recruitment

Votre chiffre d’affaires augmente et vous souhaitez recruter ? Dans une PME, vous n’avez pas toujours le temps de réfléchir à la définition du poste que vous souhaitez créer. 

Your turnover increases and you want to recruit? In an SME, you do not always have time to think about the definition of the job you want to create.

An HR expert can create a job ticket to consider recruiting a new employee to your team. This form will integrate the exact name of the position, its nature, the required diplomas, the principal missions, the working conditions, the required professional qualities, the remuneration, the perspectives of evolution, etc.

This job description is going to be a useful basis to use during your professional interviews.

Mistake # 2: Do not prepare the recruitment interview

Faire confiance à votre instinct professionnel pour évaluer un candidat n’est pas suffisant. Les apparences sont souvent trompeuses. Vous devez vérifiez le parcours du candidat et contacter ses anciens employeurs. 

Trust your professional instinct to evaluate a candidate is not enough. Appearences are often not what they seem. You must check the candidate’s background and contact his former employers.

The help of an HR expert is helpful in this phase of recruitment. He sorts the applications received, checks the candidates’ abilities, etc. It helps you select only the best profiles for the job.

An HR expert prepares the recruitment interview and ensures:

  • do not ask indiscreet or inappropriate questions
  • give a good picture of your business, etc.

Mistake # 3: lack of transparency

You want to give a positive image of your company, but do not fall into the excess of optimism! If you are too aggressive about the financial situation, the work environment or if you are too vague, the candidate risks falling from high when he takes his future duties.

If you are concerned about making communication errors, you can delegate this assignment to an HR expert. The latter will take care of the interviews or will assist you in this very important task. This HR specialist will complete an evaluation sheet of each successful candidate. It will be the showcase of your company and will give an answer to all the candidates who have presented themselves, whether positive or negative. This will save valuable time for you!

Mistake # 4: Omitting paperwork

La perle rare a été recrutée, mais de nombreuses déclarations restent à faire.

The rare pearl has been recruited, but many declarations remain to be made.

The administrative formalities to be carried out are:

  • establish the DPAE (Declaration Prior to Hiring in the 8 days preceding the recruitment of the employee (you risk financial sanctions of Urssaf in case of absence of declaration)
  • draft the employment contract (without forgetting to fill in the mandatory legal information). You can entrust the drafting of an employment contract to an HR expert for more peace of mind! It will help you to remember some of the mandatory legal aspects of a work contract: trial period, etc.
  • register the new employee on the personnel register (in the absence of this register, the employer is liable to a fine of up to 750 euros per employee)
  • knowledge of the financial support and the reduction of charges applicable to small businesses.
  • solicit an HR expert to inform you about the following recruitment schemes: alternating employment, professionalization contract, jobseeker, person with disabilities, etc.

Administrative formalities for foreign employers recruiting in France:

  • acquit CSG and CRDS
  • pay social security contributions: health insurance, maternity, invalidity, death, family allowances, old age, work accident, solidarity, autonomy, unemployment insurance, etc.
  • use the title Foreign Firms (TFE) to make declarations and the payment of compulsory social security contributions

An HR specialist can advise a foreign employer. He can take care of legal and administrative obligations, declarations and formalities when recruiting in France.

Mistake # 5: neglecting the integration of the employee

The integration of an employee represents a fundamental step for the success of a recruitment. You have to present him or her to your team, organize a welcome drink, make him feel that he is expected by your company.

An HR expert will help you in this mission, by writing an integration sheet and assessing the feelings of your new recruit during an interview.

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