Career Management Coaching

Career Management coaching, what is it?

It is natural and legitimate to have  questions about ones professional career. Expectations change. After several years in a fixed position, the desire to change, to move on, to see something else can be a question one considers. The question that raises is what to do ? Where to go,  which position to consider ? How to apply and be efficient during interviews when you have not looked for a job in a while  and have not been to an interview for years?

Career ManagementCoaching helps employees  take stock of their professional situation,  define their expectations in terms of career development so as not to embark on a disorganized search, ‘all over the place’, which will not lead to anything positive and will only discourage them.

Career ManagementCoaching allows you to  define a strategy for the evolution of your career : sector of activity, type of position, professional reconversion, business creation, … it is important to consider all possibilities in order to focus  efforts on a relevant, achievable, thoughtful goal within your reach.

The coach helps you to take the necessary distance to analyse the situation,  asks you the right questions and directs you on the right tracks.

  • Carine Curtet
    Human Resource Coach

Career Management Coaching, for whom?

If you feel in the same frame of mind as the 60% of French employees who wanted to change jobs in 2016 *, Career Management coaching is for you!

Willingness to evolve after several years in the same position, need for change, desire for reconversion, unfavorable social climate within your company, the reasons that push you to change are multiple.

But as soon as the decision is made, it is a question of not throwing oneself headlong into a disorganized search because the result will inevitably be disappointing.

Contact us and we will guide you with our proven methodology towards the path of success!

* Study of Robert Half Consulting Firm

Our Career Management Coaching Methodology in 4 Steps

Phase 1: Analysis of the professional environment

  • Update on your goals and expectations
  • Analysis of the current situation: why do you want to evolve?
  • Analysis of evolution possibilities, internal or external

Phase 2: Operational support

  • Definition of an internal strategy in your current company on yourpossibilities
  • Help in finding suitable positions
  • Adaptation of the résume to posts
  • Preparation of interviews, rehearsals

Phase 3: Follow up

  • Action plan: reminders, research methodologies
  • Interview debriefs
  • Follow up on your action plan

Phase 4: Succeeding in your job

  • Assistance with the negotiation of the employment contract
  • Onboarding followup
  • Tips to optimize your positioning in your new business