Carine Curtet a consultant to help you reach your goals

Carine Curtet

After graduating from Mc Gill University in Canada with an MBA, I have been supporting companies in the area of Human Resources for more than 20 years. Coach for your professional life or coach for your personal life, I help you find solutions that suit you.

Coaching is different from psychology in that it provides concrete and operational solutions when you need them. It helps you clarify issues to make suitable decisions whether as an individual or a professional.

Coaching does not look at the past but helps you to find a solution adapted to what and who you are, your means, your possibilities and your objectives. As a professional, whether a manager, team leader or employee, coaching assists you in managing your company and your teams. In your personal life, coaching helps you manage your relationships at work, with your children and family, and move forward.

With more than 20 years of experience as a human resources manager, as a city board member, president of associations, I make available my experience to improve  relations with others and make you  daily life (professional or personal) more comfortable.

Why call me?

The Internet provides all kinds of useful information that can help you. But in the mass of information available how do decide what really suits a specific situation? Coaching is personalised and therefore adapted solution for your case. It takes  into account your overall environment. It is a tailor-made solution.