Human resources coaching

Pistache Conseil Carine Curtet

What is HR coaching?

HR coaching is about putting an HR professional at your disposal to assist you in solving all your social problems.

Our HR coaching offer is very operational, we take care of the HR files and manage them entirely.

For more than 20 years I have supported companies  with their HR strategies and policies. As an HR manager on a shared time basis, I am at the heart of the social issues that entrepreneurs face and I offer operational solutions, which I can implement quickly.

As the assistant conductor, the HR coach listens to the conductor (you) and the musicians (your employees), to adjust the position of each instrument within the ensemble and make sure that the concert is harmonious.

  • Carine Curtet
    Human Resource Coach

HR coaching, for whom?

  • For all companies which size does not justify the creation of a position of HR (Human Resources Manager)
  • For all companies that have an HR but who wish to entrust a file to an external resource (recruitment, expatriation, separation for example)
  • For all companies which have a confidential file to treat and cannot entrust to their internal teams

Human resources  Coaching, why?

Human resources are at the heart of the creation of  value.

Proactive HR management let’s you anticipate changes in your organization, deal with your business challenges, and is at your side to help you develop the  business.

What can HR coaching bring me?

As a business executive, you often feel that there is no HR need.

However, working with an HR coach brings you an expert’s eye on specific topics, which have both a strong technical and psychological dimension.

The HR coach helps you highlight operations that may be the top of the iceberg of an organization that could be largely optimized.

Examples of issues that an HR coach can help you solve

Handle employees requests

  • How to deal with unsuitable requests from employees ?
  • How to read between the lines of these requests
  • How to turn these requests into opportunities for the company?

Accompany changes

  • How to accompany the necessary changes for your company?

Prepare annual reviews

  • How to prepare annual reviews ?


  • How to set up  an expatriation package?


  • How to manage my recruitments?
  • How to advertize my offers?
  • Which profile to search?
  • What kind of recruitment can I handle directly and what type of recruitment should externalize?

Our offers

Monthly Human resources coaching

  • Accompanying the leader
  • 6 months commitment
  • Definition of a mission framework
  • Support on all HR issues of the company

One shot HR consulting

  • One shot or irregular  specific HR problem
  • Analysis of the problem
  • Solution recommandations
  • Support in the implementation of solutions

Value added of an HR coach

Carine Curtet Pistache Conseil

Forget  social environment monitoring, finding out about legal obligations, I take over for you, I analyze them for you, explain,  manages  or lead  you to manage them.

Forget  the loneliness of the leader, the decisions taken alone. You will have an interlocutor who helps you clarify your vision and options.

Both expert and mirror, I help you  adapt your resources to the stage of your development,  implement the strategy to reach  objectives and  results.

  • Carine Curtet
    Human Resource Coach