Job Search Coaching

What is Job Search coaching?

Finding a job is frustrating. Many questions arise. We are torn between the choice of working conditions that suit us, while considering the financial need and, perhaps, a financial situation that may paralyze us.

Beyond the research process itself (know where to look),  the question of the continuation of one’s career, and of the opportunity of a  possible professional evolution.

We get interviews and we can not convince, we see offers that seem tailor-made and we do not get the long-awaited interview …

All these situations are frustrating and may cause a loss of confidence and have negative repercussions on your immediate environment.

With job search coaching you are no longer alone in your efforts, you are accompanied in all stages of your research, you benefit from the advice of a professional HR accustomed to recruiting and who can give you an external opinion on your situation.

Job Search Coaching

For whom?

Job Search coaching is for anyone looking for a job, whether they are unemployed, or at the end of a fixed-term contract.

For people who want to change jobs while they are on the job, we offer a specific coaching, Career Management coaching.

Job Search Coaching

What for?

  • To have a framework that requires you to have a regular and structured approach in your job search
  • To motivate you
  • To set goals and see your progress 
  • To broaden your field of research and apply for jobs you would not have considered

Our approach in 4 steps

Phase 1: analysis of the situation

  • Update on your situation, your assets, your weak points
  • Uncovering your professional expectations

Phase 2: Operational support

  • Analysis of aimed positions
  • Adaptation of the CV to posts
  • Personalized advice
  • Rehearsal of interviews

Phase 3: Follow up

  • Interviews debrief
  • Implementation of adequate actions: reminders, use of social networks, personal branding
  • Follow up on the implementation of the action plan

Phase 4: Succeed in your new job

  • Assistance with the negotiation of the employment contract
  • Onboarding follow up
  • Tips to optimize your positioning in your new job