Make your recruitment successfull

How to make your recruitment successful? Recruitment is an essential step in the development of a company. That’s why the human resources manager of the company must do what is necessary to find a profile adapted to each position. Otherwise, loss of time and money will be felt at the company level. To avoid these kinds of problems, here are some things to know.

Recruitment is a process of supplementing staff within a company. At first glance, this is an easy task since it only involves choosing people who will fill vacant positions. But in reality, the recruitment process is very complex. It requires actions upstream and downstream.

Among these  :

  • precise understanding  of the needs of the company in order to write  detailed position description  including  skills, qualification, quality, etc.
  • creation of a recruitment campaign and the choice of the appropriate media  to use: newspaper, dedicated website, recruitment agencies…
  • setting up the recruitment process
  • determining  the selection technique: interview, test, CV selection…
  • on boarding process and appropriate assessment of skills development within the trial period

With regards to these aspects it is not so easy to successfully fullfill a position . It requires a good match between the prerequisites  and the quality of the candidate, the adaptation of the latter to his new work environment, his ability to develop within a group, etc.

Get started

To find the best profile, you have to go through several steps.

Firstly, it is necessary to analyze whether the defined position meets both the needs of the company and the resources available on the market.

Then you have to write the job offer. The latter must be as detailed as possible. Above all, avoid writing a standard offer if you want to attract candidates who can expand your team. Instead, try to clearly explain the role of the future employee in the company.

Before publishing the appropriate ad on dedicated websites, newspapers and other media like this, it is wise to schedule well-prepared interviews. Determine in advance who will interview the selected candidates. Define the questions to ask during the professional meeting. Choose questions which will allow you to know more not only about the skills and know-how of the candidate, but also about his personality.

Some recruitment managers will ask applicants to develop  solutions they have adopted to deal with difficulties encountered on previous situations. Some might ask them to produce a small scenario representing problems that the future employee will have to overcome if he integrates the company. This behavioral technique provides an opportunity to learn more about a person’s ability to cope with difficult situations.

Other solutions for a successful recruitment

The other way to identify the best candidates is to set up specific tests. The company may choose between several type of tests.

First: aptitude tests to determine the candidate’s abilities, qualifications and suitability to perform the task.

Secondly: psychotechnical tests. They are especially essential to define in a rather precise way the intellectual capacity of the recruit.

Tertio: personality tests as the name suggests will determine the personality of the candidate separately from his skills and diplomas. In practice, they are helpful to determine  if the future employee will be able to integrate and evolve within the company.

Regarding this last point, the recruitment manager can rely on projective tests that will solicit the analytical abilities of the individual concerned to highlight his personality. Be aware that personality questionnaires can also be effective in determining a person’s dominant traits in order to compare them to pre-established profiles.


Recruitment is not something to take lightly, because it guarantees the success of the company. Certainly, we must carry out tests to better determine the personality of the postulants, but the most important thing is to find a person capable of carrying out his mission. In other words, it is clever not to neglect the skills and experiences of an individual. Some large companies decide to ask for help to achieve significant results during their recruitment period. They therefore call on a career management coaching or  recruitment agency who can quickly identify the right profiles. This solution is worthwhile because it saves time and completes the team with competent staff with excellent team spirit.