Job search /Career Coaching

Looking for a job? Questioning  the option for a  career change? Questioning  the option for a  career change ?

Job Search Coaching

Job Search coaching allows you to be supported at all stages of the search by an HR professional expert in recruiting. The coach will help you get a clear view of your situation, improve your resume, gain confidence for interviews, gain  personal confidence, get a feedback on your interviews, etc.

Put all the assets on your side and get a job!

Career Management Coaching

Career Management coaching helps employees get the whole picture of their professional situation,  define their expectations in terms of career development so as not to embark on a disorganised search. It helps define a strategy for the career move.

The coach helps you  take the necessary distance with your own situation, by asking the questions and puts you on the right tracks.

Benefits of using a job/career coach

Carine Curtet

Through my experience as a Human Resources Manager, I’ll help you find the right offers, but most importantly I’ll help you understand what’s behind the employer’s offerings and expectations.

In this context, I will analyse your resume with the eye of a recruiter, and  guide you with the right attitude. I will help you  determine the job that may be right for you and I will accompany you every day, for every offer and  interview, so that you as best prepared as possible.

  • Carine Curtet
    Human Resource Coach