A month and a half later, right at the end of February, I had received 2 offers

I really have to share my story about how I was able to get a job in France with the help of Carine. First of all, a little background information is necessary. I lived in the United States during high school and my university years. After graduating this past December, I decided to return to my home country, France, for family reasons. I started looking for a job there around mid January. Since I had lived in the United States the previous 8 years, I really did not know much about the job market in France. Actually, all I knew is that it was a very tough market to enter into and that unemployment was high, really high. Not very encouraging. However, I started looking. Not only in Paris, but everywhere in France. I used Carine’s help in my job search since she’s been in HR for so many years and really understands the French market well. She would call me a few times a week to help me prepare for interviews, change my resumes when it was needed, and also in determining really what kind of job I was looking for. I graduated with a management degree so there was a lot of things and career paths I could have chosen. A month and a half later, right at the end of February, I had received 2 offers. Carine really helped me and today I wouldn’t have the job I have had it not been for her resilient determination in helping me find the job that was made for me.

PS: the funny part of this story is that I originally refused the first interview with my current employers. Carine gave me lots of tips and advice on the job and how helpful it would be later in my career that I decided to call the company back for that interview. Out of the 9 candidates that made it to the final round, I was the only one to come out. Thanks again Carine for everything, it wouldn’t have been possible without your help !

William B.